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  General Supplies:      
  • Brushes • Miniature Bulbs • Sealers Brush-on or Spray • Sockets, Switches & more
  • Brush Accessories • Canister Seals • Thermometers • Wiring Kits
  • Carousel Kits • Bank Disk • Tree Lights & Stars (Decorative) • Threaded pipes
  • Clock parts • Decorating Supplies • Stars, Twist, Pins • Sockets
  • Decals • Magnets • Doves • Gaskets
  • Dispenser Pumps • Mirrors • Utility Knives • Glitter
  • Display Stands & Hangers • Metallic Rub-ons • Check Rings • Glues
  • Doll Stands • Music Box Accessories • Cross Bars • Neck pacers
  • Bulbs • Regular Wind Up • Knobs • Fixture Chains
  • Cord Sets • Electronic Touch Tones • Hardware • Lamp Parts
  • Light Sets • Ornament Supplies • Plate Hangers • Shade Holders


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  Glazes   Antique Media   Glazes
  Gloss   Bisque Primer   Stoke & Coat
  Envision - Translucent & Opaque   Bisque Stain   Speckled Stroke & Coat
  French Dimensions   Brush on Sparkle   Series 2000 Gloss Glazes
  Satin   Glossy Sealer   Series 2000 Matte Glazes
  Stains   Non-Fired Metalics   Crystalites
  Liquid Pearls   Oil Based Paste Antiquing   Elements
  Ultra Metallic   Pickling Stain   Jungle Gem Crystal Glazes
  Opaque Acrylics   Silver (Water Based)   Exotic Glazes
  Oil Based Translucent        
  Brush on Glitter        
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Dona's Product Line
Non-fire Water Base Stains Decorating Colors
Antiquing Colors Ceramic Stain
  Crackle Glazes
  Glazes Crystals
  Low Stone Glaze
      Majolica Glaze    
      Opaque Gloss Glazez    
      One Stoke    
      Raku Glazes    
      Rasied Accent Color    
      Stain Glazes    
      Super Strokes    
      Under Glazes